Banking & Finance

Within the present economic environment and due to the difficulties regarding the financing of companies, there should be a methodical and well prepared quest for acquiring capital from banks, investment groups, stock exchanges and other capital market areas, either native or foreign. The selection of the best way to raise capital and the legal terms that govern such raise are of significant importance for the successful implementation of the corporate strategic plan.

AP Legal:

  • Provides legal consulting services for the drafting and the legal supervision for the implementation of agreements concerning loans in bonds and project financing.
  • Has considerable experience in the preparation and handling of agreements concerning any kind of financing.
  • Has in depth knowledge of the regulatory framework of the capital market and provides legal consultation upon issues on the transactional and investment activity in the Athens Stock Exchange.
  • Provides full legal support on the procedure of the negotiation, drafting and preparation of agreements for the listing of companies in the Athens Stock Exchange.
  • Has considerable knowledge and experience on the market conditions and practices in most areas of domestic and foreign business transactions. Is in a position to suggest to its clients simple and advantageous solutions. In order to achieve that, is always observing any developments on new transactions and agreements.